The Facilities and Safety departments are committed to providing service to faculty, staff, students and the community by creating, maintaining, and protecting the educational environment of the University of Central Florida.

The Facilities and Safety departments support the goals of the University of Central Florida by being a leader in providing world-class expertise and service.



Policies and Procedures

Associate Vice President's Office

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Facilities & Safety Employee of the Month

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Facilities and Safety Meetings:

  • Staff Meetings are held on a regular basis with Directors; Assistant and Associate Directors. Please contact Linda Wood for specific dates and times.

Facilities (David Norvell, Assistant Vice President for Facilities)

Facilities Planning and Construction: 
Robert Mason (Director)
Bill Martin (Associate Director)

Facilities Operations:
Duane Siemen (Director)
Brian Wormwood (Associate Director)
Larry Simmons (Assistant Director)

Sustainability & Energy Management:
Curt Wade (Interim Director)
John Siler (Assistant Director)

Landscape & Natural Resources:
Patrick Bohlen (Director)
Alaina Bernard (Assistant Director)
Christopher Kennedy (Assistant Director)

Environmental Health & Safety:
Thomas Briggs (Director)
Jose Vazquez (Assistant Director)
Renea Carver (Assistant Director)

Resource Management:
Montel Watson (Director)
Lance Watkins (Associate Director)
Lashanda Brown-Neal (Assistant Director)
Doug Lewis (Assistant Director, Human Resources)
Shelley King (Assistant Director)